Intentional Dating 1:1 Coaching Program Overview

You can expect …

– weekly one-on-one Zoom calls

– Dating profile auditing and mini workshop with a step-by-step guide to creating your best dating profile with strategies proven by the experts. 

– Knowing what to write in your bio and in messages 

– Knowledge and analysis of your attachment style, love language, and OCEAN personality assessment. 

– Unlimited access to text me during the 8 weeks.

– Role playing and learning flirting and body language skills, including knowledge of how to make an excellent first impression and how to accentuate your best assets. 

– A mini course on how to spot red flags to avoid the types of people you don’t want to date. Learning the psychology behind the different manipulator tactics so you can become a pro at spotting these out.

– Dealing with heartbreak/getting over an ex or getting back with an ex.

– Analysis of your behaviors that may be a barrier to successful dating. Tips and encouragement to alter these behaviors. 

– Finding the confidence to attract, approach, and date quality people.

– Automatic enrollment in the private Aurora Love Facebook group which includes free advice, live Q&A videos, and weekly dating challenges.

– ****BONUS: I can also arrange a Mock Date with a professional actor to help you improve your dating techniques.

Disclaimer: I will not force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

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